!! Ryan Seacrest picks a fight with Angelina !!

It turns out that simpering red carpet mouthpiece Ryan Seacrest is mad at Angelina Jolie for refusing to answer his inane, unanswerable questions at the Golden Globes on Monday night. He’s lucky he even has a job; he should leave Angelina alone before she beats him down Lara Croft-style. (US Weekly via ONTD)

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3 Comments on "Ryan Seacrest picks a fight with Angelina"

  1. Seacrest is an ass. Angelina was quite polite, if reserved. Seacrest had no reason to go crying like that on his radio show. Perhaps he simply has a personal dislike of Angelina, as I suspect a lot of people in Hollywood do, and when he saw a chance to smear her name, he did, that loser.

  2. He’s a pussy.
    He is just mad that she dismissed him and would not give him a second look if they were in a bar.

  3. Amen to that. She was not required to answer his stupid questions about her personal life. She was there to support Brad.

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