!! OMG, how wistful: My Last Post !!

Girlfriends, it is time for me to say goodbye. I’m moving to New York and have taken on other projects, so this is my last post as a regular contributor to !! OMG !! and I’ll miss you all dearly. I’ll miss the lovers, the haterz, the incessant and ridiculous cut vs. uncut debates, and most of all, I’ll miss the Paula Poundstone DEFENDERS.
If you see a bewildered 40-something (I’m 26, but I have ALS – Ali Lohan Syndrome) wandering the streets of New York screaming out for Christopher Meloni please just take my hand and guide me to the closest Cinnabon. They’ll know what to do.
I was going to post Anal Jar as my final blog, but I dared not. I can’t even bring myself to link to it. If you must see the most vile video I’ve ever come across in my internet travels, you’ll have to Google it for yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It makes 2 Girls 1 Cup look like a picnic with grandmother.
Instead, I leave you with my favourite video of the most glamourous cholita in all of America – something I would have posted every day if I could have.
So big thanks to Frank for letting me be self-deprecating and passive-aggressive on his blog every day for the past year, and you should all be very excited for the man who will be taking over for me. He’s going to bring OMG to the next level. Frank will fill you in on that later…
Love and Kisses,
Excuse My Beauty,

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38 Comments on "OMG, how wistful: My Last Post"

  1. I’m near tears… 🙁
    You were the best blogger ever. Hopefully your absence here means more of you on your site. You are super, super, super awesome and made us laugh so much. Thank you and I’ll miss you.

  2. OMFG!! Why oh why i am litteraly shaking after watching that video it is god damn awful i couldnt even imagine the pain that he was going through and have u seen the amount of blood ???? omg he must have lost at least a pint there – going to vomit 🙁

  3. Dear Graydon, Really enjoyed your work immensely. I wish you the best! I am too scared to look at anal jar if worse than 2 girls and a cup. Someone did not douche?Not just raunch humor like the lady who did cakefarts.com?
    Luv ya, Joy of joysquirt.com

  4. is sad 🙁

  5. OH HONEY!! I will miss you. And your Olive Oyl.
    And if I totally knew that was your fave cholita evar – I would have gotten her autograph for you. I had met her (pre-fame on cops)at the 7/11 near Nob Hill.

  6. Oh Graydon… there is no excuse for your beauty.

  7. You will be missed, Graydene.

  8. so is this blog over? how come i can’t see prev posts?

  9. why, oh why did you mention anal jar!!??? my curiosity piqued, i of course had to look it up….i am scarred for life! omfg!! i will never be the same after witnessing that horror! i must go throw up now.

  10. anal jar is the most horrible thing i’ve ever seen in my life. ever. fare thee well, g.

  11. There is a Cinnabun just before the subway under Rockefeller center.

  12. I think that Ali Lohan Syndrome needs to start being using in everyday life, like, right now. Bye Graydon! 🙁

  13. Thank You for the Laughs!
    Good Luck with everything – I live in NyC
    I hope to run into you sometime & buy you a drink

  14. No you are beautiful! You cannot leave! I will be so sad! Hopefully there are still plentiful posts! I wake up every morning to check omgblog firs thing.. well that and dudetube haha. Hopefully you will appear somewhere else so we can keep and eye on you 😉

  15. You’ll definitely be missed, Graydon!!! Thanks for sharing your POV with all of us.

  16. say it ain’t so!

  17. I hope you will look my ass up once you get here!
    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  18. Bye, Graydon!! 🙁
    We’ll miss you.

  19. I love you Graydon. 🙁

  20. Graydon!!! Good luck in NY… you’ll be missed. Send me hilarious links anyway…

  21. le sigh.
    You’ll be missed G. Can you post that video of shaving your hair again? For old times sake?

  22. *SIGH*
    Well, apparently all good things DO come to an end. You’ll totally be missed girlfriend, but you will be remembered for your crazy, yet, enjoyable post choices. I wish nothing but the best for you in NY. Hopefully you’ll be able to make a few cameos on the site every now and then, but remember this, every time I see a glamed out cholita around town (which TRUST me, where I live you’ll find them in the most random of places) I’ll think of you. Kisses!
    PS: You’re excused!

  23. Good Riddance…any stereotypical gurlina can write the dribble and sludge you did.
    NYC gains another fem and self entitled wanna be queen…Yawn!
    So what?

  24. where can i follow you to?

  25. Goodbye! Good luck!
    For the faint of heart, rest assured… anal jar was faked. It’s certainly still graphic and disturbing but, alas, it isn’t real.

  26. Alexis Espejo | August 28, 2009 at 8:05 pm | Reply

    OMG, gurl. WTF am I supposed to do now when I want to LMFAO? You’re a treasure and NY will enjoy you. Make it there so you can make it anywhere. Hopefully I will run into you on my many trips there for business and pleasure. Keep the faggotry alive my Latina sister!

  27. I hope you enjoy NYC as much as I’ve enjoyed visiting Canada in the past. Regardless of what the natives say, there ARE things to do in NJ, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, so have fun exploring the area.

  28. Graydon, we hardly knew ye! I’m going to miss you a lot. Thanks for making me laugh and cry (often at the same time).
    For everyone else: Is this Anal Jar video kinda like the Matrix in that nobody can be told what it is? I’m definitely not going to see it out of sheer terror, but I would appreciate it if someone could write a short, rough description of it.
    Cheers and Good Luck!

  29. I must say, Anal Jar is the single most excruciating video I have ever had the misfortune of watching on the Internet ever. You are correct in your assessment of it making 2 Girls 1 Cup look like a picnic with grandma. Even Mister Hands is mild compared to that. Thanks a whole hell of a lot.

  30. OMG no! *sigh* Well, it’s something ya gotta do I suppose.
    *cheers up* Hope you’ll have loads of fun in NY! Eat lots of cinnamon rolls for me, m’kay? They don’t have them here in Dutchland. T_T
    I’m gonna miss your posts!
    *googles for Anal Jar*
    *wishes he hadn’t*

  31. Goodbye Graydie!

  32. O no! I don’t comment much, but I love your posts. Are you going to be on another blog? Good luck in NYC.

  33. Dang! I loved the added humour you brought. Best of luck in NY!

  34. best of luck to you in New York, go kick ass and have a great life out there! thanks for all your fun posts

  35. zomg! graydon, NOOOOOOOO! im going to miss you a lot buddy. you were funny, acerbic and had the most beautiful uncut cock, ever. Good luck in new yawk and keep it clean.

  36. We’ll miss you – what are you gonna do in NYC ? Greetings from Bonn, Germany

  37. you are/were terrific, graydon. gonna miss your wonderful posts!

  38. Major OMG! Totally sucks! I’m a major blog addic and have been coming to !!OMG!! BLOG for a while now. I would be more than happy to help out and make posts. :o)

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