!! OMG goodbye Graydon, hello Bmad !!

Many thanks to Graydon for his hard work over the last year (has it really been that long?) bringing you all the highest quality cuteness, funniness, intrigue, controversy, and celebrity cock you can find on the Internet.
I know he has a lot of fans out there who are feeling sad about his departure, just like me. In fact, when he first told me he was leaving, I felt like this:

I think my tongue even went out of my mouth a little bit like that.
But the good news is you won’t be stuck with me doing the daily posts! We are bringing in some fresh blood with new !! omg blog !! writer Bmad, whose first day will be Monday. Please give him a warm welcome, and don’t let the circumcision debates die with Graydon’s departure!
(Thanks to Tommy for the cute puppy video!)

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4 Comments on "OMG goodbye Graydon, hello Bmad"

  1. Uncut all the way!
    Excuse my beauty

  2. graydon, you know i will always love you

  3. *sniffs* tootles Graydon. You are the best Olive Oyl evar.

  4. 🙁 Have fun in NY Graydon…

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