!! OMG, I hate my voice !!

That’s why I didn’t tell you all that I was going to appear last night on the Derek and Romaine Show for their Tabloid Tuesday segment (Sirius OutQ Radio, channel 109).
However, I do want to thank D&R for having me on to talk about such important topics as Britney’s missing car, the American Gladiators gay porn scandal, and of course Tom Cruise. I can’t go a day without talking about Tom Cruise.
If you haven’t given DNR a listen yet, you should. You might learn something from those two!

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5 Comments on "OMG, I hate my voice"

  1. damn and I just cancelled my sirius! (my radio was stolen so there was no point), but Derek and Romaine are my favorite show on OutQ!

  2. I heard the segment. It was really fun! You sound great. DNR and Alexis and Jennifer (Martha’s channel) are the best things on Sirius. Glad you got on there!

  3. We want to hear it! We love you Frank you should’ve told us 🙁

  4. I got Sirius for Christmas, I should hook that shit up already.

  5. OMG what? I’ve been reading your blog forever and can barely give you an identity outside of the Gay Bloggies!! I have Sirius and totally would’ve listened in to catch you:( Maybe they will broadcast it again…glad you got some airtime Frank:)

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