!! OMG, I was wondering who would get to this first: The It Gets Worse video !!

Sooooo I know everyone is going to be up in arms about this “It Gets Worse” video– and I agree it’s a little tasteless!– but at the same time I think it’s also not such a bad idea to remind people that being sixteen doesn’t always have to be so bad?
Anyway, go ahead and flame away…

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6 Comments on "OMG, I was wondering who would get to this first: The It Gets Worse video"

  1. I hella cracked up when he started giving a hand job to the snake!! lol great video

  2. This video made me realize just how much the “it gets better” videos bothered me. Being bullied sucks, but at some point it is important to stop being victimized and just try to make things better now, or you risk losing what could be a decade of good times. Being a bullied teen sucks, but it can be worked on, fixed, overcome with courage, and that is the message we should be sending, not “you just have to lie down and take it till you’re out of college.”

  3. Funny. Fucked up… but funny.

  4. He has a point, not all gays or straight for that matter, no matter how they try, can be as successful as those guys appearing in those videos.

  5. i mean, it’s true isn’t it? it’s unrealistic and potentially dangerous to disillusion yourself into thinking that life after your teen years will somehow become a lot better. it won’t. life sucks but you deal with. whether you’re gay or straight.

  6. This is awesome. And I agree! I like the fact that Phillip took a different take on it cause it’s so true. He forgot the part about searching adam4adam for 5 hours in the middle of the fucking night just to hook up with some old dude who tells you he’s versatile and when he gets to your place he’s all ‘I’m a bottom’ and your like ‘okay…’ then it’s all akward and what are you gonna do!? Paint each other’s toenails? And then he starts sucking you and you have to close your eyes and think about Pharell cause it’s so gross and then when you’re ready to pop there’s little to no semen because you’ve been popping yourself all night cause you never thought you’d actually hook up and the old guy is like ‘that’s it!?” Yup– it just gets worse…

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