!! OMG, I’d Hit It: John McCain’s campaign manager !!

Sen. John McCain (R – Racistzona) sure does have a weird relationship with us gays! His daughter, good time gal Meghan, is a strident (if annoying!) voice for marriage equality within the Republican party and even wifey beer queen Cindy has been known to slap some duct tape on her normally perfectly-glossed lips to silently oppose Prop 8.
Senator McCain, however– despite the protestations of the ladies in his life– has shown through his actions that he’s gay-hating (not to mention racist!) pig. He’s come out in support of Prop 8, thinks gays should stay out of the military, voted no on ENDA, and opposes gay adoption etc. etc. etc. And he’s just hired his former Chief of Staff, the extremely gay Mark Buse, above, to run his campaign.
Many gays are expressing distaste that Buse would choose to take part in the oppression his own people by working to reelect McCain, but personally I say who cares that Mr. Buse is a traitorous Auntie Tom? He’s also a total fox. The manly tattoo! The artfully-bared biceps! And, oh, that sexy salt ‘n pepper beardy thing! Mark, if you’re reading this, shoot me an e-mail. I don’t care about my rights! I just want to make love to you!
(P.S. If any readers have stumbled across Buse’s Manhunt profile, send me some of his pics! I’d love to do an OMG He’s Naked for this hawt/hung Republican daddybear…)

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15 Comments on "OMG, I’d Hit It: John McCain’s campaign manager"

  1. I’m read with you Chuy…….DELETE!!!!!!

  2. I’d hit it with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, right on the head.

  3. If I ever run into, see out somewhere, or meet this person I would go out of my way to vomit on him.

  4. odds are he doesn’t have a manhunt profile…that site is reserved for annoying twins who are only concerned about their Abercrombie clothes

  5. yes i would hit it…..WITH A RIGHT HOOK TO THE JAW

  6. Personally he does nothing for me; but that aside, I often find myself lusting after those preppy republican guys — it’s a secret shame, really.


  8. I’d go for a mustache ride.


  10. Niles,
    You can blame him that he actively supports a campaign that seeks to marginalize his own people.
    Please explain to me gay guys like yourself who throw principles out the window for sex. And really? You’d do that for *him*? Let’s chat about standards. This guy looks mildly retarded and like he probably smells like fish. You’re welcome to tell me you were being sarcastic (which I hope you were). I think I’ll go throw up now.

  11. Thanks to this self-hating post, I will delete OMG Blog from my bookmarks and will no longer visit this site. You just ranked yourself way down there with Perez Hilton and Newsweek’s Ramin Setoodeh. Congrats, douche.

  12. I have a thing for bald tattooed guys myself. You can’t really blame him that his boss is an asshole.

  13. mintylaramie | May 25, 2010 at 1:33 am | Reply

    When the McCain Straight Talk Express come to take us gays straight to Auschwitz, I’ll personally throw this douche and his ilk into the incinerator.

  14. Bmad – I’ve kept my mouth shut for quite a while so far, but… you disgust me.

  15. ChristopherM | May 24, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Reply

    After helping promote so much evil, I wouldn’t fuck this douche with John McCain’s dick.

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