!! OMG, how delicious: Super Mario birthday cakes !!

My dear, sweet momma may have painstakingly baked all of my birthday cakes by hand for my whole entire life, but perusing this gallery of f*cking awesome Super Mario cakes nonetheless drove me to an important revelation: I was deeply unloved as a child. If my mother had loved me she would have made me a Mario cake!
I immediately called her up and bitched about it and she reminded me that these cakes are all basically made of plastic– which may or may not turn your balls into tampons!– and taste like shit, but I don’t care! I deserve Mario cake!
[50 Awesome Super Mario Cakes via Jezebel]

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  1. Hey, My mom made that cake. Trust me, all of it was as delicious as it looks. Your balls will not turn into tampons, but you may still feel a yummy tingling sensation when you eat a slice!
    Any cake you want made? My mom will be up to the challenge ūüôā

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