!! OMG, if only: “When Kurt Met Blaine” !!

This actually looks like a movie I’d want to see — which is surprising only in that Kurt and Blaine’s ooey-gooey relationship is so ridiculously saccharin on the show that it’s almost a turnoff. That said, I probably shouldn’t complain. At least there’s some outright representation of a gay teenage love story on TV.

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3 Comments on "OMG, if only: “When Kurt Met Blaine”"

  1. I agree with 100% with Chuck. Kurt and Sam would have been a better fit. I’m bored of Klaine.

  2. I actually like the fantasy that gay teens can find each other and learn about romance in a way that is similar to what straight teens are doing….as opposed to the stories I hear from my friends that involve predatory adults who expolit young gays.

  3. They should’ve kept Sam as Kurt’s boyfriend (as originally intended). At least that relationship would have been dynamic. Every time Blaine appears on the screen, it’s like a unicorn barfed a rainbow.

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