!! OMG, say what? Patti Stanger on gays and Jews !!

It’s an amazing feat that Andy Cohen was able to restrain himself after Millionaire *cough* Matchmaker *cough* Patti Stanger called all gay men cheating whores and all Jewish men liars. Being that Andy is both gay and Jewish, that makes him pah-retty bad people…in Patti’s warped brain.
(via Towleroad)

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5 Comments on "OMG, say what? Patti Stanger on gays and Jews"

  1. I am a gay man, ive been out since i was sixteen. and as i can understand why her comments are offensive or can be seen as damaging, i have to agree with her on the side of gay men. not every single gay man wants to not have a monogamous relationship, but in my experience, the experience of other gay men i’ve known, and every friend i’ve ever had that has gay friends..the majority just dont. while stereotypes hurt because they generalize, they do come from somewhere. the gay stereotype she uses, is alive and blossoming because of gay culture. older gay men came out in a time of diversity where they had to bond together for safety and protection, relationships meant something to them. today, its become more accepting in certain cities, and in those cities they dont have to bond together for relationships or acceptance..they wanna have fun. thats my experience. and long term relationships among gay men i’ve seen….there was once where they were together for a long period of time without having a threeway or any sort of “open” arrangement. its sad. anyone who is or knows a gay man who is truly in search of a monogamous relationship..a REAL relationship…would at least partially agree with her.

  2. she’s a trainwreck with a outdated views on life, love and relationships…but she’s kinda right. i don’t know that many monogamous gay couples. whether they’re doing it behind each others backs or both have agreed to those rules, most gays i know in relationships have something on the side. now, that’s not to say every gay is like this, but i think true monogamy is pretty rare in the gay culture and there’s nothing wrong with that if that is what both partners want.

  3. AH leave Patti alone, more often than not – she’s right!

  4. I can’t stand this tranny mess. She needs to just shut up and sit down. I bet her ratings tanked and she needs to create drama. Go away!

  5. OMG! she is nuts, but I love her.

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