!! OMG, I’m not sure what to think: Subsidized Circumcision !!

Maybe I’m approaching this from the wrong angle, cause if it really helps the crisis in Africa then go for it, but I just hate to think of all those pretty penises getting cut up. I’m talking about Bill Gates donating about $50 million to Swaziland and Zambia so that male residents can be circumcised. The idea is that circumcision helps cut the risk of HIV infection in men in half. I’m not sure how or why so don’t go thinking that if you’re circumcised you’re less at risk or less able to pass on the virus, okay?
Anyway, I truly hope it’s effective.

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  1. HIV-AIDS rates are higher in the US than in the whole of Latin America. Latin Americans are uncisrcumcised, US males are cut! Why so much pseudo-scientific defense of circumcision in the US? It was widespread in the beginning of the 20th century because it would prevent the si of masturbation, did it? Then because uncut penises are dirty (cheese smelling).Uncut penis hygiene has been well explained, so now what? Africa?

  2. Stupid bullshit, typically American. I agree about the comments made about a double standard. Also America has kept this stupid tradition to cut most male babies because there’s a big industry now of companies who buy the discarded foreskins and use them for cremes ans stuff. They don’t want it to end. For an American to effectively promote this outdated practice by donating money is downright criminal in my opinion.

  3. This is yet another example of the double-standards relating to gender – there are so many human rights groups and woman’s rights groups (rightfully) complaining about forced circumcision of women and girls in some African and Middle-Eastern cultures and yet people think it’s acceptable to put men and boys through it. As Marshall1 already said (well, typed) how about using the money to fund proper sex education, not just (wrongly) make men think they are safe just because they are cut. And how would it stop WOMEN getting HIV, hmmmmm? Another double-standard methinks.

  4. This issue always seems to crop up but I just have to quote “I too love the uncircumcised penis, but the evidence is overwhelming that it is dangerous for your health” it’s not fucking dangerous for your health to be uncircumcised! Everyone should use a condom it’s the safest option and when using a condom circumcision has no pros only cons like loss of sensitivity. I have no clue why America still practices circumcision so often the reason it’s in the U.S is because the U.K. church wanted to stop men jacking off. This unclean bullshit is irritating too people shower…

  5. im still sceptical. all the information ive read about these studies uses correlative information about HIV rates in Africa. Areas where circumcision is more prevalent have lower HIV rates but the information ive read dosent take into consideration cultural reasons. david j’s article does mention this, the only article ive read which does so.
    “Although the apparent protective effect of circumcision has been noted for more than 20 years, doubts linger as to whether circumcision itself is protective, or whether the lower risk may be the result of cultural practices among those who circumcise. HIV rates are low in Muslim communities, for example, which practice male circumcision but also engage in ritual washing before sex and frown on promiscuity.”
    i still have my doubts.

  6. omg! ive never been more turned on by your graydon. tell me more about how much you love uncut peens. even better, tell me you have your own lil hoodrat too.

  7. Cleanliness isn’t the issue here. The WHO issued a statement some years ago that circumcision cuts the risk for HIV infection significantly during vaginal sex.
    Teaching someone how to clean their foreskin or how to use a condom won’t help when the most common way of contracting the virus in Africa is through the birth canal (either through vaginal sex or birth).
    Besides, what good would sex education be when they don’t have condoms readily available anyway? Would you rather this money go toward supplying Africa with prophylactics??

  8. African women goes through painful female circumcision, usually from filthy knives or HIV infected knives. This may contribute to some portions of HIV crisis they are having. Oh, also remember, there is rapes, shared needles, and everything.
    I don’t know if the males will want to be circumcised because it is so misogynistic over there.

  9. The inside of the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis has receptor cells that deliver virus to the body very quickly… Just what HIV likes. Circumcision does not reduce risk of passing the virus, but it does reduce risk of contracting the virus via penis.(If you don’t become infected, you can’t pass it on.) The 50% reduction is HIV transmission if a very conservative estimate, it’s probably more… I too love the uncircumsized penis, but the evidence is overwhelming that it is dangerous for your health… Re: circumcizion in Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa is already practiced traditionally (in less than sterile conditions), but on a limited scale. Circumcision is absolutely the most cost effective way to save lives. $10/head and that is just going in individually to the hospital for the procedure.

  10. I don’t know why all the hate on uncut guys. Why would Bill Gates also spend that much money on circumcision when he could use the money to provide better health care for the African people, like better sexual education, better medication for HIV person, teaching uncut people to wash inside their foreskin every day. It’s all about personal hygiene, and also it seems like it’s an intolerant thing too. He’s probably thinking, most people in America is cut, so the African has to follow us because we are the more civilized nation here. I just think there should be more variety than just plain cut, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  11. It was based on the results of a rather significant 2005 study. I agree that it could foster false assumptions that somehow one is protected once circumcised. Details here: http://tinyurl.com/acoxu

  12. Those poor men and boys…..I think teaching them that proper cleaning with soap and water would go a lot further. Just my opinion.

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