!! OMG, I’m puking: Logo previews ‘The A-List’ !!

Wow! The homosexual tastemakers over at that gay Logo Channel sure have outdone themselves this time– they’ve managed to dig up a bunch of people even worse than the Real Housewives of fill in the blank! And surprise: these monsters are gay. Judging by the preview, The A-List— Logo’s gay take on the housewives– features a bunch of homos so shallow, materialistic, vapid and preening that they will boggle minds already well-scrambled by the likes of Lori, Teresa, Mrs. The Countess and the rest.

Obviously I can’t wait for this show!

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7 Comments on "OMG, I’m puking: Logo previews ‘The A-List’"

  1. They ARE the reason people think bad about gay people.They’re all so feminine. & the dude is in his 20’2 and doing botox??? O.O not working for me dude. & i hate their narcissism. If there all so BIG why haven’t I heard of them?

  2. These people are more hateful than I expected and, if it possible, more revolting than I ever could have managed. If I had tons of money but all it did was get my access to these assholes, I’d be tempted to give it all away.

  3. I didn’t think it was possible, but these people are more hateful than I expected and more revolting that I ever could have imgained. Of course, if these assholes read these comments at all, they would just think that we are all jealous. Certainly I would love to have a lot of money, but I hope it would allow me to volunteer for a cause or two I really believed in. If all is did was get my access to these A-Listers, I would be tempted to give all my money away and be poor again.
    Note to readers who do not live in New York: While NYC probably has more than its share of these horrid people than most places, most gay men here are a lot more interesting and decent.

  4. I think i just barfed in my mouth a little This is HORRIBLE

  5. Good Lord. Will this be the gay version of “that is not my purse? I thought that was gum?”
    And, isn’t this the kind of guy that ended up murdering Versace because he was an A-lister when young but became unhinged when he got old and no one wanted him anymore? Should we be romanticizing that lifestyle?
    I don’t watch reality tv anyway. It just makes faux celebrities who refuse to go away even after the show is over. Do us all a favor and don’t watch and maybe they will just fade away.

  6. I happen to be gay and this makes me vomit.

  7. I’m really losing my faith in this country–society–whatever. Why are people so interested in what rich, self-absorbed do-nothings dedicated their time to? Can’t we have a reality show about someone making a positive impact on the world… the Peace Corps, human rights advocates, international lawyers, preachers/monks/gurus? I so value depth in my TV-programming, which is why it’s turned off most of the time these days.

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