!! OMG, whaddya mean she can’t sing?: Gloria Huddle !!

From the same cable access show that brought us MICHELLE SUTLOVICH comes the most gorgeous and talented Gloria Huddle. I don’t even think Maya Rudolph could do this better.

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6 Comments on "OMG, whaddya mean she can’t sing?: Gloria Huddle"

  1. Her accent is one of the Australian ones. That clip was hilarious.

  2. It’s as if Laurie Anderson went off her meds for a week!

  3. She sounds like Little Edie of “Gray Gardens” fame!

  4. hey stop dissin’ my MOM!

  5. i think she’s pretty

  6. What in the hell is this? Her teeth are trying to escape her body! And who was she talking to? And what accent was that? And is she retarded? These are all questions I don’t wanna have to answer.

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