!! OMG, it works: Smiling !!

power smiling.jpg
According to THIS ARTICLE, smiling and telling someone you like them can boost your sex appeal. I guess my tactic of standing in the corner pretending not to notice anyone and giving stink-eye to anyone who comes near me or to anyone who makes eye contact is way off! Oh well, I’m gonna keep doing it. Easier to pretend you aren’t interested than to deal with rejection.

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3 Comments on "OMG, it works: Smiling"

  1. Hey, I do that too. We should hook up. 🙂 IMHO, smiling makes women body builders look even more horrific.

  2. OMG! I never put the two together…maybe that’s why people keep avoiding me and tell me that when I look at them they feel like I think they’re idiots. Huh.
    Oh well.

  3. OMG–that pic is hilarious. She riminds me of the roided-out “female” bodybuilder Jim Carrey played on “In Living Color”!

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