!! OMG, It’s a Crime: Justin Bieber in hot water for Failure to Tweet !!

Just call her BOSS TWEET! Long Island District Attorney Kathleen Rice is is prosecuting teen lesbian heartthrob Justin Bieber’s management team for refusing to tweet the cancellation of an event.
Toddlers and ephebophiles everywhere are locking hands and singing We Shall Overcome in protest of this outrageous abuse of power. Free Justin!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The manager of teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested on Wednesday for refusing to warn fans on Twitter about overcrowding at a shopping mall event, narrowly avoiding a “horrible disaster,” authorities said.

Scott Braun, 28, surrendered to police in Williston Park, New York, for having refused to send a message on the social networking Web site warning fans that an appearance by the Canadian pop star had been canceled due to overcrowding, according to the Nassau County District Attorney.

The incident occurred last November when Bieber was scheduled to sign autographs at a clothing store when the event quickly became overcrowded, putting fans in danger of being “trampled,” the District Attorney said in a statement.

Police asked Braun to send out a Twitter message from Bieber’s account telling fans not to come, but Braun refused, even changing the account’s password so “he could control the event,” the office said.

“By refusing to send out the cancellation Tweet and preventing others from doing so, he blatantly ignored police directives,” said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice in the statement, adding “a horrible disaster was averted.”

District Attorney Rice, who is currently preparing a run for New York Attorney General against my future husband, sexy NY State Senator Eric T. Schneiderman, is clearly hoping that the attention-grabbing stunt will propel her to victory in November– but she may not be counting on the fact that many experts (me) are predicting that so-called “Bieber Moms” will be this year’s most influential block of swing voters.
Will it be tweet victory come November for Rice? Or will her crusade against Bieber be her swan song? Only time will tell!

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4 Comments on "OMG, It’s a Crime: Justin Bieber in hot water for Failure to Tweet"

  1. You people are laaaaaammmmeeeee. And so is this website. I wish it’d stop being advertised on my internet homepage. Everyone is always after money.

  2. Just don’t get too full or yourself so early in the game and drop those “wannabe” hand signals

  3. MissVampireDiaries | March 26, 2010 at 11:26 am | Reply

    I’m not a fan, but why did you call him a lesbian? Do you know how sexist that is? Because his voice isn’t deep enough, therefore calling him a lesbian will make him inferior?

  4. don’t you remember the Walmart worker that was trampled and died when a crowd became too large and excited!!! The police were trying to avoid the same situation. The Manager was irresponsible, if he decided it was too crowded for poor little Justin, what about his fans?

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