!! OMG, we get mail! !!

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like a nice refreshing dip into the OMG mail sack! This evening, concerned reader B has something to say:

Subject: Lady Gaga Vid a flop?!?!… Go F*ck Yourself!!!
From: “B”
Date: Wed, March 24, 2010 9:18 pm
To: “[email protected]

Seriously you piece of shit?!? If you ever say another bad thing about the Most
TALENTED Musician in the industry, I will personally see that you don’t say it
again. Watch Yourself, f*cking loser!

I know, I know. But don’t be alarmed for my safety, mom — the handsome, ex-Mossad !! omg blog !! bodyguards are standing by, ready to protect me!

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13 Comments on "OMG, we get mail!"

  1. I’d be pissy too if my labia were dragging on the ground everywhere I walked. Bad enough to get rocks in and stale gum on your shoes…

  2. Better be careful, or the gay mafia will break the legs on your coffee table :O

  3. i think that’s hilarious. i fucking love this blog and i love everything you write, you’re hilarious. keep up the good work and forget stupid fucks like that idiot!

  4. lolol,
    i feel bad for ppl who take this blogging so personal,i feel bad for them because these ppl need to have a life , and if it was real life then this person is a stalker because he/she knows where you live and every movement you make, but as much as i’m concerned this person might live as far away from you and then she/he will state i’m coming to your house and kick the crap out of you hahahaha,
    this is too funny

  5. I find it odd that someone claiming to be a fan would so quickly insult all of Lady Gaga’s own favorite musicians.
    Gaga’s love of David Bowie is one of the only reasons I like her at all.
    Claiming she’s the most talented musician in the industry means B is claiming Bowie is inferior.
    In turn, by claiming Bowie is inferior she claims that Bowie’s peers were inferior as well.
    Which includes Freddie Mercury.
    Gaga would have no love for you B.

  6. I guessing the “B” in B:Date stands for Bitch!

  7. lady gaga is like a mash up of all the trendy sounds and styles of the past decade. it’s not wholly unpleasant but it’s nothing to kill someone over. bad romance video is the only video of hers I’ve liked. telephone was ok it just should not have been 10 minutes long.

  8. nobody likes you Bmad. go away.

  9. LOL, now we got GAY “Teabaggers” threatening bloggers, what’s next. Too funny!! Now, for a real singer, click on my name! 😀

  10. as many products are in this video for endorsements and whatever other negative shit people like to say about this video, it is a well put together piece of art and she is pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable.
    who else has beyonce dyking out in a video? don’t worry…i’ll wait.

  11. I love Lady Gaga. She’s a better singer than the artists are you mentioned. She’s more innovative and more stylish than anyone working today.
    I just don’t get the hate mail.

  12. it was most likely a 16yr old girl,
    teen girls have the shittest taste in music, bar none. and will get angry if u disagree with them
    I usually go on youtube and talk shit about, lady gaga, david archuleta, twilight etc. anything to piss off stupid teen whores

  13. LAdy Gaga is a total poser. Look up Rosin Murphy, Madonna or anyone that came before her. Lady Gaga is completely unoriginal! Even her sound is unoriginal. its 80’s music meets Jay-z with a twist of Britney Spears…
    Clearly the mailer who sent this is delusional and totally uninformed!

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