!! OMG, It’s a Miracle: Vagina-less girl pregnant !!

The internet sure has a lot to teach us! Videos of cute cats, nude male celebrities, commenters who want to murder me… it’s a big, wonderful world wide web out there!
Today, the internet brings us what appears to be an ordinary tale of pregnancy. But there’s a twist. What? From ABC News:

In 1988, a 15-year-old girl living in the small southern African nation of Lesotho came to local doctors with all the symptoms of a woman in labor. But the doctors were quickly puzzled because, upon examination, she didn’t have a vagina.

Needless to say, I immediately started panicking upon reading this. I don’t have a vagina either. Could I also have a case of the pregs? This would explain why I’m about 16 years late with my period.
Luckily, it turned out there was a totally simple explanation for the miracle pregnancy– involving a BJ, a knife fight, and some very tenacious sperm. Click over to ABC news if you want the mystery revealed.

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  1. what a slut

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