!! OMG, How controversial: Same Sex-y Armani Ads !!

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Time to panic for America’s children! NO, I’m not talking about Noah Cyrus’s new lingerie line, either. I’m talking about these disgusting Armani Exchange window displays that feature two men hugging! If children see these they might think it’s okay to hug! And hugging hurts America! PANIC!!!
(Via Queerty)

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10 Comments on "OMG, How controversial: Same Sex-y Armani Ads"

  1. Oh no! Christian fundamentalist housewives stopping their shopping at Armani?! THAT’S ARMANI’S CORE DEMOGRAPHIC!! They’ll go bankrupt in weeks…

  2. Hey Guys…
    I followed the linkfor these Gay Hatine Moms and used their pre-written letter to send a letter of APPROVAL to A/X and re-wroded the letter to read as acceptance and asked for continued support from A/X or same sex relationships! I turned their HATE into my own LOVE!!! Please do the same…you can change the wording and when A/X gets it…they will se a letter of LOVE and not HATE!!! Great idea!!! I dare you!!!

  3. Great comment, Dan! Very well-stated. I was actually kind of sad to learn “mothers” were against the advertisements…I would think most mothers are accepting of their gay children.
    My brother is also gay and, thankfully, we had a great Mum who accepted us for who we were (and she lived in a small town of 3,500 so it was a pretty amazing thing).

  4. I understand their concern. Hugging can lead to heavy petting, sitting in cars with boys, and even shooting pool.

  5. get a life 🙂

  6. When will people realize the sword cuts both ways. The homophobic cretin in this piece of thinly disguised agit-prop advocates filing complaints. Well, so be it, game on. How about we all start filing complaints about the considerably more lurid ads involving heterosexuality which litter the KC area. (They are there, trust me). Kansas really isn’t that bad, the problem is too many people who sit silently by while the lunatics act as if they FOUNDED the asylum. Which, by the way plays nothing but Faux News all day long.

  7. Of course they’re upset about the two fags touching each other since all gay men are child rapers but the women embracing is what Jesus and his sexually repressed followers want.
    Christ, am I glad I live in NJ and not a third world country like Kansas.

  8. See, this is why I left Missouri, and don’t plan to return. KC is one of the two largest cities, too.
    WTF…I could see if it was a smaller place, but then it would never have happened in the first place….

  9. Maybe I’m wrong – hey, it happens. But, isn’t Armani’s demographic typically young, professional urbanites who keep up with the latest fashions and trends? NOT suburban housewives who drive their rabble of 12 children to soccer practice in a Dodge Caravan? So, that being said – I just wonder how many “mom’s” are actually concerned that their children are going to see this ad, since they more than likely shop at places like Wal-Mart? Just curious!

  10. You know I am getting so sick and tired of “family protectionists” that claim this hurts children. That this will show children an alternate lifestyle that they will try and like better. What in the name of GOD are they afraid of? Do they really think hetero kids are going to see this, try same sex hugging, same gender sex and say to themselves….”I think this is better….I choose to be homosexual”.
    I think one of the fundamental problems in our world today is that people THINK we are all born equal – That may be true in some aspects. We should all be free, we should all love, we should all be equal to be who we are…..BUT – it does not mean we are all born the same…..we are NOT all born straight. Maybe some gay men and women came to be gay based on life’s experiences that led them down a certain path in life.
    Right wing fundamentalists need to STOP equating same sex intimacy as abomination, or as prostitution, drug addiction, alcoholism, murder, stealing, etc etc because it says so in the bible or some other sacred writing. Argh!!!! It makes me SO ANGRY!!! I am sinning because I am a man who loves a man? In my entire being and core…..I just know I am not sinning.

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