!! OMG, it’s all the rage: Tecktonik !!

The Tecktonik dance craze began in France and has traveled the world over via YouTube. Required are a “futuristic” haircut and electrogay style.

If you want to learn some of the wicked moves yourself, take the video lesson below, and keep up to date with the Tecktonik blog.

Watch some more after the jump!

(Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, it’s all the rage: Tecktonik"

  1. The clubs will require more room if everybody is dancing like this!Il est cannon le garcon de la video J’Adore!!! :))

  2. Its like a french-electro-voguing. It is EVERYTHING!

  3. This is so rad and that boy is so hot! The song is pretty sweet too. This is nothing like napoleon dynamite.

  4. Today I learned a new word: “Electrofag.” Thanks, Frank!

  5. Ok…before I get attacked for being a Francophobe…my jibe about the French was for the benefit of my French friend who was sitting over my shoulder.
    I actually love the “A Cause Des Garcons” song (The original version is a tad dire, though)…but my comment about the dance style stands.
    Very Napoleon Dynamite

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me! This is Napoleon Dynamite dancing!
    If these guys are serious, then they’ve had a major irony bypass.
    The French are chic, but they’re not exactly cool.

  7. OMG! I’ve always danced like that and now you say it is a dance craze. LOL!

  8. I think the wasted homeless guy in the alley by my place was Tecktoniking the other day.

  9. I like it. Some of the moves look like parapara from Japan.

  10. Don’t hate, but I bet Madonna’s next video rips this shit off, and then she’ll make like she invented it.

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