!! OMG, it’s fantasy art: Poodle grooming !!

Sandy Paws Grooming Shop of Yucca Valley, CA can help you and your poodle achieve the fantasy look of your dreams.
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9 Comments on "OMG, it’s fantasy art: Poodle grooming"

  1. its not animal cruelty. saying is cruelty is like saying letting you daughter or son dye their entire head purple and and green. its a sense of originality that these pet owners and judges are looking for. its just hair it will grow back, like my mom always says after a bad hair cut.

  2. I’m somewhat on the fence … there are people who argue that animals shouldn’t even be kept as pets, let alone dolled up to entertain people. That’s a bit extreme. So long as the animals aren’t harmed, and are well cared-for, I don’t see a problem. I do have a problem with amimals being carted all over the country as part of a circus, however. I think it would be much more difficult to monitor whether or not they are being cared for properly, and, if not, to remove the animals and bring charges against those responsible.

  3. * It IS different in an ugly sweater in that an ugly sweater comes off and this is manipulating and changing the dog’s own body for idiotic purposes.* – Brock
    The dog’s body is not modified in any way. It is the hair that is modified, by styling. If you look at what that breed of poodle’s standard/traditional style is, you will see that it is only the dogs hair that is groomed into whatever style.
    It would be similar to a high top fade on a person. It is the hair that is being groomed. The body is not modified or altered.

  4. Actually, R & Fraulein, it should be considered animal cruelty.
    * I’m not sure how it could be a one-time thing if it were annual.
    * It IS different in an ugly sweater in that an ugly sweater comes off and this is manipulating and changing the dog’s own body for idiotic purposes.
    * It’s all easy for YOU to say this, because you’re not the ones having every little part of you changed and dyed just to look like a tacky ninja turtle.
    This is why I’m joining the ASPCA when I get my master’s next year…

  5. It does not appear to be animal cruelty IMO.It is no diff than putting an ugly sweater on it.
    There is an information page as to the products she uses. And they are hardly harmful. Some people in the show dog “industry” will use coloring products to hide flaws or miscolorations on dogs coats. Like greying muzzles on black dogs. There have been people who will use dye to cover the grey. Or dye hair around the eye area of white dogs that have tear staining.
    Animal cruelty? The dog is well taken care of, because that dog is a “competition” dog and those dogs are pampered. The dog is being fed, probably better meals than my own. It gets it’s shots, because they are not allowed to compete in competitions unless the dog has them.
    Animal humiliation? Maybe the people looking at it think so. But, dogs do not care how they look.
    Paralleling this to clubbing baby seals as inhumane, is kind of a stretch.
    And no one seemed to mind the other day when there was a cute pug wearing a wig.

  6. Boo-hoo.
    I don’t think it is animal cruelty. The dye are purely vegetable dye and it just washes out or grows out. It appears to be one time annual thing.

  7. These people should never be allowed to own animals! It is plain cruel. Could you imagine if they had children??

  8. OMG, people who do this (both for a living, and who PAY for it) to animals should be shot! And I thought clubbing baby seals was inhumane…

  9. Ugh, this should be considered animal cruelty.

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