!! OMG, it’s over: Queerclick !!

Remember the article that Queerclick published about how The King’s Speech was shot on the same set as a certain gay adult website?
Well the piece is taken down now because Bedlam Productions, the company behind the Oscar-winning film, sued QC For $2 million saying that their post cost the film an Academy Award for art direction.
How many Oscars does this film need to win that they have to go picking on our favorite NSFW blog?
Regardless, Queerclick will cease to operate in two weeks because as part of their settlement with Bedlam, the company will seize all Queerclick properties [link NSFW]. This is a sad day for Queerclick readers, but moreso for bloggers who now must live in fear that they too will be punished for a little investigative journalism.
Shame on those greedy Oscar hogs at Bedlam, and here’s hoping that Schmeerclick.com launches very soon.
UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s joke. You can now go back to your normal ogling.

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13 Comments on "OMG, it’s over: Queerclick"

  1. Hey guys, thanks for playing along with the prank! We are not going to kick the bucket anytime soon and plan to be around for a looong looong time for you guys. Big HELLO to Mom (we miss you at WC Headquarters!) and Frank, thanks for picking this up! =))

  2. I’m an idiot. Or at least gullible.

  3. I assumed this was an April Fools joke!

  4. It´s April… so… people that was a Joke from Qc.

  5. April Fools!

  6. April fools?

  7. This is very sad. I used to be a contributer for QC when they were starting. Money hungry monsters. Sad, sad, sad.
    M’wah – M.

  8. Is this an April Fool’s Day joke?

  9. This is awful news!!! And it’s such an amazing coincidence that they posted it on APRIL FOOLS DAY! I give them Kudos for pulling the wool over everyones eyes, but the story is implausibe and it would never really hold up in court. Nice try though. I wonder when they will announce the gag.

  10. I’m voting April fools.

  11. They shouldn’t have settled. The attorneys from the other side must have found something serious that could be used against Queerclick or expose them to liability to other unrelated suits because it makes absolutely no sense to settle in a case like this. I don’t see how any judge would rule that posting true information about one of the sets used on a movie would be defamatory. I haven’t read the link (at work) so maybe it sheds more light but this seems absolutely ridiculous.
    I suppose its also possible they simply didn’t have the money to litigate and their only option was to settle. Regardless Bedlam Productions should be ashamed.

  12. I call April Fools! But slightly more believable than Kinnect for long distance relationships and Gmail Motion… Sadly.

  13. april fools!

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