!! OMG, it’s their fault: Fat people !!

Yes, that is a real headline. British newspaper The Sun is blaming the global warming crisis on fatties. Why? They eat more, breathe more, and drive cars more often. Can we argue with that? (Thanks to Tommy for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s their fault: Fat people"

  1. Why is it that people who rightfully decry prejudice aimed at them (for that, myself included) by fucking idiot ignorant bigots think it’s perfectly okay for them to turn around and do the same to some other disenfranchised group? Fuck off.

  2. yes, but why are so many people fat? the author could take it a step further and blame a culture that totally encourages consumerism, excess and instant gratification. that would actually be interesting, and much less insulting to people who probably feel pretty bad about themselves already.

  3. Not to mention they take up too much space on airplanes and sidewalks.

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