!! OMG, Loop Dreams: Sundance Short, ‘The Roper’ !!

When I was a little sprog and finally put down my older sisters’ neglected dolls, I watched City Slickers with Billy Crystal, and then stole my mom’s washing line to make lassos.
Kendrick “Luck” Domingue is the brown version of that: he’s better, with more skill, and a shit load more patience. This short for Sundance 2013 profiles Kendrick and his dream of making the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, and is currently being developed into a feature-length under the working title “Rookie”.
It’s inspiring how this kid deals with racial judgement, believing his dream is more important than other peoples’ old-fashioned judgements. Makes me want to pick up my washing-line lasso again and lasso…erm, stuff.

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