!! OMG, Massive A-cat: cat terrified of Nicki’s face !!

This cat’s just minding his own business and then that crazy lunatic Nicki comes at him with her pink hair screaming that she’s gonna “SHIT IT ON ‘EM”…erm I think I might be a little freaked out too, and I too would meow [if that was the extent of my vocatbulary] and run away.
…and if she kept coming at me I’d just keep on running, in case she’d catch me and put me in her bee trap, and rename me LIL’ MARIAH KIM-KAT!

“Look it’s Nicki Minaj…she’s a rapper extraordinaire”

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1 Comment on "OMG, Massive A-cat: cat terrified of Nicki’s face"

  1. the cat is just afraid he’s gonna get hit with that paper.

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