!! OMG, MATANGI IN ACTION: New M.I.A. mixtape for KENZO !!

Late last week we took you on a safari to Kenzo’s jungley wungley…well she was Missing In Action, but we found Maya hiding in a jungle-berry bush, trying to make her delayed new album sound “less positive” or some Interscope bullshite like that.

Named after her birth-name and the Hindu Tantric Goddess who governs speech, music, knowledge and the arts, Matangi the mixtape is all BANGRA-MAZING and offers a preview of what’s on offer for her album -of the same name- now due out in April.
Is that an extinct lady-Mammoth tooting her trunk at 2.40? I can’t wait to see what other animals she sampled whilst hiding in that Interscope berry-bush…a dodo…a hephalump…a CRUMPasaurus ?!
[thanks Burrr!]

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