!! OMG, Matthew Mitcham is DEFINED !!


Olympian Matthew Mitcham now has his own entry on Urban Dictionary:

The only openly gay male to participate at the Beijing Olympics, he won gold at the Men’s 10m Platform diving. He ruined China’s hopes of going 8 for 8. He fills a Speedo quite beautifully, and is possibly the sexiest man on earth. He’s Australian, by the way.

Matthew Mitcham is the sexiest diver, ever.

For a guide to board-bouncing Matthew in a speedo, follow the jump.
(via Morning Meme)


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7 Comments on "OMG, Matthew Mitcham is DEFINED"

  1. I agree with you HG. I bet these queens on here are just hating on packages to make them feel better about their’s that they hate. Who gives a fuck if he doesnt look like he’s got a mammal trying to crawl out of his speedo.
    Y’all in denial you know whats average you’re just a bunch of haters.

  2. He’s great, but he’s no Alexandre Despatie.

  3. I’m sorry that he doesn’t have a softball in his briefs when he spends his career in cold water. Jesus Christ. Gays spend their early lives suffering negativity from the outside world and often decide upon accepting themselves to fight this negativity. Why the hell are these queens here constantly tearing each other apart, especially when the likelihood that this professional athlete who is being featured in media is in better shape than those doing the insulting is much higher? I am so sick of the shallowness and hatred. Hypocrites.

  4. he is VERY attractive and has a nice build. cute butt. i don’t see much of a package but that would not prevent me from showing him a night full of pleasure he’d never forget. also, if he is not already taken i want to sign up.

  5. He’s attractive, but I wouldn’t say he “fills” Speedos very well.

  6. LOL! Shannon it sounds to me like you are just another bitter little Queen who is not getting any. I’d worked hard to have a good body, but i can’t come close to this perfection… he is so yummy! Many gay kids desperately need positive role models, especially athletes, and who could ask for more in a role model? Kudos to you, Matthew!

  7. he is OK…not all ripped like you are screaming about…

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