!! OMG, Mr Munchies: cat gives raccoon an earful !!

I wonder what this tastes li- OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!!!!
Erm, what, it wasn’t enough to steal their Meow Mix in great gobby handfuls, now you’re getting the munchies so bad you have to resort to catibalism ?! You do know that cats taste like cat, not Meow Mix right ?
That look of regret on his face when she reacts, I know this look from one time when I did a shot of Peach Melba Schnapps in the jacuzzi, lost my traction and ended up heel-punching some shy lesbian friend-of-a-friend in the face, I was all soft-pawing her apologetically in the hopes she wouldn’t cat scratch my face off and drown my drunken tomfoolery ass !
[via imgur, thanks Bear!]

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