!! OMG, Mr Potato Heads: Philip Haas’ ‘Four Seasons’ !!

I remember studying Renaissance painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo in grade 4; we looked at his veggie-head paintings and then created our own version, of which mine was a voluptuous auntie-pantie with oranges for tits. Needless to say I got in trouble with my teacher –Mr Hollywood [despite the name, not a glamourpuss at all]- who believed it to be rude and inappropriate…”but it’s art” I screamed, “I’m an artist and I appreciate the human form” I yelled from my 9-year-old face…of course I got into trouble for screaming [not painting] and my point went out the classroom window…what a tit of a teacher though, what a blooming prune prude.
Well fellow misunderstood child adult artist Philip Haas also appreciates the vegetative human form and has recreated Arcimboldo’s painting quartet ‘Four Seasons’ in resin and fibreglass sculptural form for The New York Botanical Garden.
Jump below to see all four of his seasonal 15 foot potato heads, and if you’re passing through, they will be on display until the end of October. I’m hoping if I head that way that Mr Winter Head pops up on my Grindr because I totally want to DT THAT TWIGGY DADDY HEAD!

[via papermag]

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