!! OMG, big gay music video round-up: Cassie, The Drums, The Sound of Arrows, Saint Etienne, Hunx, Sinead O’Connor & Magnetic Fields !!

What were you doing when Whitney Houston died? I will always remember what I was doing because it was the exact same thing I was doing when Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson died: sitting in front of my computer looking at bullshit on the Internet. Oh how times have changed from the days of Princess Diana’s death when I was at the movies watching Mimic starring Mira Sorvino. Someone pulled the fire alarm and we evacuated the cinema, which is when we heard the news. Once given the all-clear, I somehow mustered the courage to return and finish the film. (Also got free passes. Score!)
Anyway, the point is that we’ve been surfing the net a lot lately and keep meaning to post all these new gay-ish music videos, but because we’re so busy we’re posting ’em all at once… starting with the new Cassie video, “King of Hearts.” Yes, you read correctly: six years after releasing her last album, the R&B star has finally put out new music and in her new vid she’s totally wearing the same Versace shirt Tyga rocks in Drake’s video for “The Motto.” Bitch stole his look. Someone call Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police.

The first of two drag makeover videos in our round-up, this dreamy video was dreamed up by wispy indie pop group The Drums for their new single “Days.” It stars New York City club icon Amanda Lepore and a rakish and extremely bored-looking male model. We suspect it’ll go over well with all those post-bears perusing our twinky butt posts.
Watch more gay-ass music videos after the jump!

If you’ve ever wondered how the singer for Swedish pop duo The Sound of Arrows emotes in a live setting, the video for the “mellow” version of their single “Nova” should satisfy your curiosity.

Saint Etienne’s “Tonight” is one of our favorite pop singles of the year to date so it’s super disappointing to report that its official video is one of those evocative mood pieces (designed to give you an idea of what it’s like to hit the town in the UK) that instead just looks like the cinematographer’s demo reel. A straight-up performance video of singer Sarah Cracknell with kick-ass hair would’ve totally sufficed.

More an ‘advert’ than a ‘music video,’ this ‘promotional clip’ for the forthcoming Hunx album Hairdresser Blues starring singer Seth Bogart and his drummer/BF(?) Daniel Pitout begins by asking the metaphysical question that all hair stylists wrestle with on a daily basis…

So the new Sinead O’Connor album is totally awesome. We wave our lighters in the air and sway side to side every time we hear her new single, “The Wolf Is Getting Married.” Especially when listening on public transit.

Madonna would probably brand the video for the new Magnetic Fields‘ single “Andrew in Drag” as “reductive” but we’re inclined to think of it as “instructive.” (Wah- wah.) A true American original.

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