!! OMG, my new favorite song: ‘Ken Lee’ !!

Bulgarian Idol contestant Valentina Hasan performs the song “Without You” as sung by Mariah Carey, with a slightly different interpretation of the lyrics. (Thanks to Baldvin for the tip!)
After the jump, watch her come back and perform it again after she’s studied her English a bit.

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3 Comments on "OMG, my new favorite song: ‘Ken Lee’"

  1. I like their Paula woman. I also like they bring her back to be humiliated in front of the nation. Bulgarians obviously enjoy taunting the handicapped…it’s a good thing.

  2. So amazing.
    Viva Valentina and his ingliski.

  3. I cringe when people who are fluent in English try to tackle Mariah. The jibberish would’ve been okay if it was at least on key!! DANG, GIRL!!
    This was so bad that it has transcended bad and has turned into greatness…

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