!! OMG, nerdy amazingness: A cappella John Williams tribute !!

If you thought the French Canadian-made a cappella “Thriller” was incredible, here is another Canadian YouTube singing achievement, this time paying homage to the incomparable composer John Williams. Oh, before you go and get a boner for the guy in the video, he’s not gay, he’s Christian. (Thanks to the Mad Scientist for the tip!)

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4 Comments on "OMG, nerdy amazingness: A cappella John Williams tribute"

  1. This guy was lip-syncing to a song the comedy group Moosebutter did. They gave him their blessing, but it was not him, it was 4 guys singing.

  2. Well, if you believe that guy, what he SAYS (about being christian an no nothing else), you may also have believed, that McCain would have brought change as he claimed lately (and thankfully unsuccessfully) 😉

  3. Amazing…he may be a Christian…but honey, after watching some of his videos on YouTube, this boy’s as straight as the Columbia River.

  4. He’s also not singing! He’s doing a Milli Vanilli to music done by a group called Moosebutter.

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