!! OMG, we’re really gay: So Says Stockholm Pride !!

According to the STOCKHOLM PRIDE website, we at OMG Blog are 01% Hetero. Is there any shock there?
Want to know how flaming you are? Just have your Twitter name ready and head over to THEIR SITE to check your gayness. You can also check out anyone else’s Twitter feed. Apparently Ted Haggard is 69% HETERO:

You’re very metro hetero. Hetero. Not hetero. Hetero. Not hetero. Who can know for sure? Probably few but you.

Hmmm…how telling!

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1 Comment on "OMG, we’re really gay: So Says Stockholm Pride"

  1. It says my Twitter name doesn’t use cliche words. They like that. Must mean I’m 0% hetero… cuz I AM!

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