!! OMG, Barbie Does Gaga !!

Barbie is now taking her fashion cues from America’s Favorite Gaga, thanks to a 29-year-old Beijing artist named Veik. The artist turns regular Barbie dolls into the spitting image of America’s favorite Gaga, down to the tiny details of her outfits– but don’t accuse him of Lady-worship. It’s the dolls he loves:

No, Lady Gaga is not my first celebrity. In the 90s, I always dressed my dolls up like supermodels on the runway, like Naomi, Linda, and Kate. If you were to ask this question to a real doll lover, they would tell you that each of their dolls is a star itself. Each of my dolls are celebrities to me. We love them and never treat them like toys. Doll lovers always imagine that their dolls are celebrities, no matter how others think of them.

A few of Veik’s other memorable Barbie/Gagas are after the jump. Via Joonbug.


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