!! OMG, new subset: LGBT…A? !!

Paul Cox and his wife are virgins. They’ve been married for nine months. Instead of doing the “bologna-bop” (to quote Mrs. Doubtfire) on their wedding night, they played Scrabble with their friends. They are an asexual couple, and they feel underrepresented.
Read the full story HERE, or visit ASEXUALITY.ORG to find out more.

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20 Comments on "OMG, new subset: LGBT…A?"

  1. Why does anyone care? You choose not to stick your penis in a vagina? Join the crowd.
    I’m sure the acronym was a joke… asexuality is nothing like homosexuality, except, you know, all the ‘no sex with women’ part.

  2. Bobo – No, it does say anywhere that they want to be associated with us, just that they want more recognition. The problem becomes that if they do get more recognition, the “logical” place that “normal” people will put them in is with us. So the statement needs to be made that they are no associated with us. Let them be recognized if they so wish, but let them also be put into their own category. Not with us.
    Saint – I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t see the point you are trying to make in the conversation…

  3. Saint Splattergut | September 10, 2008 at 3:29 am | Reply

    Short rundown.
    Asexuals only have one common point: they are not interested in sex. Doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in people. Doesn’t mean they are not interested in love. There are gay asexuals, straight asexuals…

  4. oh heck no! No A and T shouldn’t be another subset of LGB. Those two’s issues are different than homosexuals’.
    G and L – Homosexuality
    B – Partly Homosexuality
    T – Most are related to gender and sexual, and maybe homosexuality. (If one is a T and G, then this is a gay transgenders/sexual.)
    A – Emotionally, physically and mentally related. A whole different thing than just a sexuality issue.

  5. I’m pretty certain Graydon was just making a cute joke in the headline. Nowhere in the post or the article did I see an asexual actually ASK to be included in the LGBT acronym.

  6. Jasper, just because we can agree that sexuality and gender are related does not mean that they are the same thing. That is why, although they certainly deserve equal rights, trans people should not be lumped in with queers. They’re their own thing, as we are. By your logic, heterosexuals should be lumped in with the queer movement too.

  7. Well… I’m glad I wasn’t the first one to say it cuz I didn’t want to seem un-PC, but I have to agree that adding an “A” to the end of LGBT just dilutes the message that we’re trying to send. What are we now… the weirdo melting pot? I’m all for unity, but even we have to draw the line somewhere.
    Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, but like someone said earlier, Asexuals already have all the rights of straights, they just choose not utilize their sexual aspects. The LGBT community is fighting to be taken seriously and included equally, lets not muddy the waters and become the catch all for every sad sack “disorder”.

  8. Sticking A on the end of LGBT just seems like a half-hearted attempt to address the issue. “Stick it in with the gays, let them sort it out.”
    Although I’m all for the trans T inclusion in the acronym, as I believe you can’t deal with gender without dealing with sexuality.

  9. I pretty much agree with what everyone is saying. I do not think that not being interested in sex should qualify you for your own “sexual orientation.” And what is there to be represented about anyway? It’s really just an extreme and maybe uncontrollable form of abstinence.
    I also agree with Jason, they have nothing to gain by being more recognized. They already have all of the rights and privileges that normal people do. They are called names just for walking down the street. They aren’t kicked out of movie theaters because people are uncomfortable by them. They don’t get beat up in alleyways by drunk punks who think they’re being cool. They just want to feel like their special and that people get them….which most don’t.
    And let’s be really honest here for a moment: I’m sure there are some people who truly feel no sexual attraction to anything, but most people who claim to be asexual really just can’t get any and they want to feel like they fit in somewhere.
    Get over your acceptance issues and just fade back into your mundane lives, and don’t try to get lumped in with us. We have enough troubles on our own.

  10. Hmm..I agree that it’s not all that LGBT-related, but pretty cool nonetheless. So many different people; everyone deserves to be happy.

  11. Isn’t asexuality code for closet case?

  12. wait…how did they love each other enough to get married if they don’t even like the opposite sex?

  13. This has always been a hot button issue for me.
    The gays and lesbians should be in there own group. Bi and Transgender are a completely different category and should be on their own and completely excluded.
    The Asexual group should also be a group onto themselves. They are not gay or lesbian…why do the GL’s have to take in everyone?
    Haven’t we had enough with the Bi’s and Trannies? Are we this pathetic? I hope not.

  14. By the proven logic of the statement “it doesn’t count if it’s in the butt” I am asexual too.

  15. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Whatever grates your cheese, I suppose…
    …but I’m a big fan of bj’s. High-five!

  17. Asesxual? Absurd!
    Someone’s lying.

  18. Oh come on! NOT the same thing as queer and should not be included in “LGBT.”
    While we’re at it, neither should Trans. That’s just included because of PC nonsense.
    I think we can all agree that we all deserve equal rights, but pretending that all of our circumstances are the same gets us nowhere.
    For trans people it is all about gender, not sexuality.
    For asexual people, being underrepresented may suck, but hey, life sucks. So what. They should be thankful that they can marry at all.
    Unlike queers.
    It’s simply not the same thing.

  19. Ill never pretend to understand it..

  20. wow… they must have a lot of…. fun???

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