!! OMG, scary: LA Times Homicide Blog !!

If you want to feel safer about where you live, as long as you don’t live in L.A., or if you just want to ruin your day, visit the MURDER BLOG.

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3 Comments on "OMG, scary: LA Times Homicide Blog"

  1. wow! some of these place are just minutes from where i grew up.
    1991 was an intese summer.

  2. You should pay attention to the San Francisco Mission District. I think ten people have been murdered in the last two weeks. Scary!

  3. “From the beginning of June through the end of August, there were 84 homicides in Los Angeles — a level of relative calm not seen since the summer of 1967, when the city had 79 killings. By comparison, summer bloodshed in the city peaked in 1991, when there were 323 slayings during the same three months.”
    Jesus that’s depressing!

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