!! OMG, open house and garden: Poisonous Relationship’s ‘Garden of Problems’ !!

It was -I believe- one Miss Azealia Banks who once was quoted as saying “bitches don’t want no problems,” and I would tend to agree if it weren’t for Poisonous Relationship’s record, which I guess one would say is an entire garden full of problems, and us bitches here at !! omg blog !! want all of them. We want to scurry into that garden in the middle of the night, uproot all of those problems and replant them in amongst our crazy-paving nightmare of a front yard.
Poisonous Relationship’s mid-fi “subverted [open] house” lives up to songwriter Jamie Crewe‘s admitted love of bongo drums and Hi-NRG gay vocal house.
BUTT caught up with Jamie near Elephant & Castle, where — amongst other hot topics — they spoke of his airy-fairy aquarian family, GONG-INDUCED HYSTERIA and Victorian ladies’ use of poppers to calm all such hysterics.
You can listen to PR’s track ‘Men’s Feelings’ down below there, and read the full interview and stream the entire Garden of Problems HERE.
Just a heads up, track number 3… Erm wowee!

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