!! OMG, PO-KOMÉ-ON GIRL…TAKE IT EASY !: crocodile-tears counter-attack !!

My Pokédex app on my phone [no joke…really…I know] tells me that “Fake Tears” is a Pokémon move that lowers the Special Defense of an opponent by two stages…and the counter-move to this manipulative squealy attack ?…apparently the prompting of animal noise recollection.
if she was my bowl-headed POKÉMOANER I would pull my mirror move where you grab a compact mirror from your Margiela CONCEPT-CLUTCH and hold it up so she can see how much like a sobbing mushroom headed Pokéchild she is being, and then I would reward her with S’mores and Haribo baby-bears for being so blooming cute…leaky ducts and all, because she is lowering my Special Defense level by like 70-something stages !
[via laughingsquid]

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