!! OMG, putting his best SISY-PHUS forward: Mekele’s ‘Heaven’ !!

Based on The Myth of Sisyphus, from his forthcoming album Monolith and directed by -Rad Hourani and J.W. Anderson collaborator- Melissa Matos, this is Montreal songbird Mekele’s video for “Heaven” [after the jump due to nude-tones].
Amongst the introductory sound of ascending tonal clicks Mekele appears shaved, pallid and naked; planking, or dead, or just very much asleep on the beach, waking as he cantillates his first line:

“You’ve a pretty face, I want you to know my name, maybe you can show me heaven, I think I’m gonna love this place”

…I don’t mind admitting, with the hissing suspension of this simple phrase a single sandy tear fell from my cross-eye.
As electronic tearing sounds and a wiry drone play -all nudie and exposed- Mekele takes the BIGGEST BLOOMING ROCK-PET I’ve ever layed my cross-eyes on for an arduous walk on the beach, needless to say Mr Rock isn’t doing any of the leg work.
‘Mongst the heather Mekele ventures, rock pet in stubborn tow, a short rest on a grassy knoll and as the digital didgeridoo blows in and the sun sets on their strenuous stroll, I think Mekele decides this is one rock-pet that can clean up it’s own PEBBLE POOPS, brush it’s own moss and take itself for a wiley windy walkies.

“The process brought up questions about persistence and what drives us to do the things we do,” __director Matos.

“I’ve been working on ways to find calm and peace through sound…I found myself in a very comfortable, meditated head space.”__Mekele

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