!! OMG, “poop on the carpet”: Jennifer is a Party Pooper !!

I too poop at parties, in fact I sometimes get so excited before the party I do a pre-party poop, and then when I take the party pill I have a post party pill poop…the gauge of a good party is the number of poops that happen inside of it. If the host runs out of Glade Air Puff or they have to run out to purchase multi-packs of adult diapers at 3 am, you know the party was a success [or maybe someone brought some DODGY SHRIMP COCKTAIL with them]!
For poop’s sake Jennifer, close the door when you’re party pooping…please!
[via laughingsquid]

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1 Comment on "OMG, “poop on the carpet”: Jennifer is a Party Pooper"

  1. I’m getting a “Dieter’s Dance Party” vibe off this guy. Jennifah poops at pahties, I give it a fourteen out of fourteen…..

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