!! OMG, hunger games: Food Museums are so on trend in China right now !!

There’s really nothing more vexing to me than walking through a museum made up of hundreds of delicious and perfectly prepared meals from around the globe — only to find that you can’t taste them, and they’re all incased behind a glass vitrine!
This sounds like a nightmare worse than Kruger! However, in China right now — these twisted labyrinths are all the rage! According to the BBC:

The cuisine museum in the eastern city of Hangzhou is one of a growing number of food museums in China, but it’s probably the most magnificent. It occupies a large site in the scenic hills on the outskirts of town, and was built at a cost of nearly $30m (£18m). Unlike the more modest food museums in cities such as Chengdu and Kaifeng, which are run by private collectors, the Hangzhou museum has been funded by the city government, and entry is free of charge.
The Hangzhou museum has literally hundreds of life-sized models of mouth-watering food. Visitors can feast their eyes on replicas of Buddhist vegetarian dishes, snacks eaten by canal-dwellers in the Middle Ages, and the delicate sweet pastries made in Hangzhou during the Song Dynasty, 800 years ago. There’s a whole cabinet filled with different kinds of zongzi – the leaf-wrapped rice parcels eaten at the Dragon Boat Festival each spring, illustrating their historical evolution.

Forget feasting my eyes! I wanna feast my mouth! Check out some more photos of China’s food museum phenomenon after the jump!

[images and story via shanghaiist via bbc]

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