!! OMG, Put It away: Marc Jacobs strips down for perfume ad !!

You know, this isn’t something we usually say here on OMG Blog, but put some clothes on, Marc Jacobs. The designer’s recent transformation into a lobotomized, greased-up glitter queen has been so depressing to watch. Now he’s decided to go nude in the ads for his own perfume.
I’m always fantasizing about taking up healthy eating and yoga and gym-going and getting a perfect body, but if this is what you become then maybe I’ll just stay flabby.
[Via Towleroad]

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10 Comments on "OMG, Put It away: Marc Jacobs strips down for perfume ad"

  1. I’d do this guy 9 way til Sunday. So would all these bitchy queens dissing him here. Hit the gym girls.

  2. I’d prefer flabby any day over this greasy thing right here. :/ Put it away indeed!

  3. another version of gay j lo perfume.

  4. Couldn’t disagree more. I think he looks hot as hell here. I wouldn’t mind that body.

  5. id probably do the same thing with that sexy body. i’d be proud if i had his bod after being a pile of lard, for sure!

  6. Gross. He is not handling his mid-life crisis well. Apparently it’s not enough to be a successful person who’s admired by his colleagues, the press, and buyers of clothing. Now he has to convince the world that he’s worthy of being a model as well.

  7. I wish I had that kind of body !!! He looks great!!!
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  8. Michael Lucas and Marc Jacobs should get married and squeeze out some faggy greasebabies together.

  9. Evs i think he looks great! If i had his name and money my naked ass would be all over my brand. I think hes hot and i love the add lol..

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