!! OMG, racc-ing up: masked looter takes a DOUBLE FIST-FUL !!

I love the cats in this video when the raccoon arrives, they’re all like judging him because he’s all dirty and ragedy-ass, staring in disbelief as he pillages their processed vegan kitty fodder. Only when he starts to wash his scabby hands in their FAT-FREE REHYDRATED GLACIAL SPRING WATER do they step in to protest their disgust; GreySeal has had enough of this unruly shit, and is appalled at his nasty table manners.
I recognize that double-handful scamper trick at ‘1.10’, I do that all the time at the Thai restaurant down the road, with those individually wrapped free apple candies; two handfuls and I’m out of there, even when they come out and shout at me I’m on my hind legs and bombing down the street with my free palette-cleansers, and then -of course- go skulking back when I realize their shouts weren’t out of protest but simply to inform me I’d forgotten to take my not-free meal with me…duu-uuuuur !
[via tastefullyoffensive, thanks Bear!]

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