!! OMG, Raja’s duet [with Herself]: New Video ‘Sublime’ !!

Wowja. Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, Raja just released her new video Sublime. I thought Raja was singing to me when the first line came out her mouth:

“Oh your body feels tight, are you ready to go?”

I mean, because I was just complaining that my hamstrings were feeling a little tight today. Sorry Raja, I’m not ready to go, I just had a tad too much Pad Thai and I’m feeling a bit sluggish and farty actually.
I love that Raj-him does the walk of shame “for her life” and then Raj-her wakes him up from his power-nap to dangle her nail-laces all over his face.
[Best bit @ 6.57_ Grace Jones-esque hat-trix]
H#sht#g RAJmazing

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