!! OMG, RIP Ayveq the self-sucking walrus !!

Ayveq, the autofellating walrus from the New York Aquarium, has died at the age of 14.

Though well-liked long before he discovered the habit that would make him a star, Ayveq’s frequent public self-gratification made him the Coney Island institution’s singular attraction.

Watch a clip of Ayveq doing what he did best after the jump.

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7 Comments on "OMG, RIP Ayveq the self-sucking walrus"

  1. Ayveq was a really cool animal, actually – he was seriously into people visiting his window, and whistling to them. If you turned your back on the window, he’d get upset, and wave his flippers against the glass, and blow bubbles… I swear that half the reason he played around with himself so much is that it never, ever failed to get a response from the crowd… obviously… RIP, old friend.

  2. What, no comments one way or the other about his circumcision status? Seriously though, he was a great example that self-pleasuring is just a natural act. Unless one believes animals are born with “original sin”, it kinda blows arguments that masturbation or even more advanced self-pleasuring like this are unnatural or the devil’s work.

  3. Aww… Well, he led a great life.

  4. Whats the big deal? You know if you COULD do it, you WOULD do it. 🙂

  5. damn that walrus has one huge cock

  6. wow, who knew a fatty could self-suck?

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