!! OMG, RuPaul meets LL Cool J !!

I was trawling YouTube for a clip of RuPaul on the Today Show this morning– during which he explained drag to Kathie Lee Gifford– and instead I found this gem. Which I guess is Ru on LL Cool J’s sitcom? Which I don’t even remember existed?
Watch the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race tonight on the Logo network!

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2 Comments on "OMG, RuPaul meets LL Cool J"

  1. OMG, I remember this episode. I feel like such a loser whenever I ask people if they remember this sitcom and their response ALWAYS is “LL Cool J had a sitcom in the 90’s?” Apparently I was the ONLY loser who saw the damn show, which is pretty weird since it lasted FIVE frigging seasons!

  2. Dunno if you already found it or not, but TV Guide has the Today show clip. http://video.tvguide.com/Today/Hoda++Kathie+Lee+RuPaul+is+Workin+It/3999867?autoplay=true

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