!! OMG, she breastfeeds her dog !!

This British lady routinely breastfeeds her dog. In her own words:

Dixie jumped on the settee and I held my left boob towards her. I squeezed out some milk, and wiped it around my nipple. Within seconds, her long, pink tongue was gently licking my skin. It tickled at first, but then, as she started suckling away, it didn’t feel much different to having Tasha there. ‘You liked that, didn’t you girl?’ I said, as she gently pawed my chest. Despite having a mouthful of sharp teeth, she didn’t bite me and 10 minutes later, I gently pulled her off.

See the uncensored photo after the jump.

Read the entire crazy story here. (Thanks to Lauren for the tip!)

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10 Comments on "OMG, she breastfeeds her dog"

  1. Here’s another breastfeeding gross-out:

  2. where does this woman work? I only ask because I am POSITIVE that I work with some retarded people who secretly breast-feed their pets…especially that Anne up in Payroll.

  3. it’s bestiality in the same way that breast feeding a child is pedophilia.

  4. ??????????????????????????????????

  5. Even though I do think this crosses a line, think about all of those fucking news stories about dogs nursing tiger cubs and cats nursing piglets. I bet the dog isn’t going to die without her milk, so it’s not a survival situation, but it’s not completely out of line for all the “cute interpecies bonding” shit we lap up.
    I bet she’d whip out the nip in a Grapes of Wrath situation in a heartbeat, though.

  6. Which side of the bestiality line is this?

  7. Ewwwwwwwww!!! And might I add.. ewwww!

  8. That’s just too f’d up.

  9. I’m sending OMGblog the carpet cleaning bill ’cause I just hurled big-time. OK, it was my morbid curiosity that made me go to the jump, so I’ll foot the bill this time.

  10. Interesting… o.O

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