!! OMG, secrets revealed: Robyn’s “Indestructible” tube dress !!

Another week, another Robyn post. If, like us, you were wondering what the deal is with that elaborate tube dress the pop star sports in her “Indestructible” video, there is now a highly interesting ‘making of’ clip that explains all. It turns out the conceptual garment was designed by Australian “body architect” Lucy McRae who’s work merges fashion, technology and the human body. Two years ago she began working on “dynamic textiles” made of liquid, air and vapor. She showed the concept to Robyn who felt it an appropriate visual metaphor for “Indestructible”. Here’s how they did it:

1.2 kilometers of transparent plumbing tubing was knitted with fishing wire to skin Robyn’s body. Forty liters of glycerol pumps through over a kilometer of tube, powered by drill pumps that connect to valves releasing air intermittently between the liquid. Gradient colors pulse through the tubes at different speeds, the effect is a living, breathing dynamic skin that traverses the landscape of the body.

McRae also designed all of the record sleeves for Robyn’s Body Talk trilogy. Visit her blog to see how she created the “seven-layered paper pixel textile” that graces the sleeve of the third Body Talk album.

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  1. towleroad just posted the exact same story! i guess the robyn publicist has you guys wrapped around her little finger… of course i love robyn so im not complaining

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