!! OMG, Sharing is caring: Sharon Needles ‘This Club Is A Haunted House’ !!

With an introduction from Her Royal Herness RuPaul, here’s Sharron’s video for her new single off the album ‘PG-13’ which is released today and available in all all-year-round Halloween decoration shops:

“Once upon a time there was a little dead girl, dug up from the corn fields of Newton, Iowa. Discovered by a much more gorgeous, blacker, beautiful, famous drag queen, and her career took off…Oh Lord I’ve created a monster…you better burn witch!”

Is Sharron’s personal assistant really called ‘Potatoes’?…o.k. that’s amazing…”write this down Potatoes…fake blood, prop bear bottle, leather-clad club kids…new video”

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  1. I was in her video and yes, his name is Potatoes. It may not have been his legal name, but it was what he went by.

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