!! OMG, she fell again: Beyonce !!

Poor Beyonce took a nasty fall on stage last month, and things aren’t getting any better for her. Maybe she should take off her heels when walking down stairs from this point forward. (via Lady Bunny)

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4 Comments on "OMG, she fell again: Beyonce"

  1. This blog should be renamed !!WTF blog!!, lol

  2. LOL, love the hair flicking!

  3. i love this site. great work. but this entry just pissed me off. Shes human and you cant make fun of her for falling. she still pulled it off and shes still making millions. maybe it was funny to a certain extent but we dont need people overdoing it.

  4. lfmao.
    btw, i’ve been lurking your site for a while now (2 years?), and I’m always coming back. Keep up the good work, frank. Your blog continues to to provide for me. 😀

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