!! OMG, how wise: Kanye West !!

(Kanye West in Comme des Garçons)
Kanye West is such an egomaniac that I can’t even diss him. I just have to admire him and all the whacky things he says, such as this choice fashion statement from his interview in Complex:

“I branded myself with Louis Vuitton by being this guy who does wear Louis Vuitton. It helped bring me to a status where I can wear stuff like Comme des Garçons, which the ’hood doesn’t know about like that.”

(via Produzentin)

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3 Comments on "OMG, how wise: Kanye West"

  1. Hi
    Do you have any naked pics of Justin Long?
    Any do you think he may be gay? I have read and heard many interviews with him, and he always seems to avoid the question of girls, love interest etc. Even when asked about his love scene with Britney Spears in Crossroads, he simply went on to talk about her rehab venture.

  2. I just loved it when he said that “George Bush does not care about black people.” I wish he would say shit like that all the time. You go, Kanye.

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