!! OMG, she wears Depends: Lady Kaka !!

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Lady Kaka is trying to change the world one fart at a time. The big fat excuse of a woman has just “dropped” her latest and greatest new single “Bad Incontinence”, a paean to adult diapers, her giant ass and her epically-constructed turds. “Last week I went to see the movie 2012,” she says. “And I thought to myself, ‘I can squeeze one out bigger than that.'”
Fans please note that “Bat Incontinence” is the first song in which Lady Kaka demonstrates that she has a basic understanding of the French language.
And… if you’re rockin’ it in the T-Dot on Saturday night, be sure stop by the Hotnuts “Illusion of Privacy” party at The Beaver to see Lady Kaka drop it like it’s hot live.

“Bad Incontinence” by Lady Kaka

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3 Comments on "OMG, she wears Depends: Lady Kaka"

  1. Bad Incontinence was recorded before Sherry Vine did hers! And Lady Kaka has been turning all of Lady Gaga’s songs into shit themed works since June.

  2. SHERRY VINE!!! Did this weeks ago. This thing is LATE.

  3. She’s LATE.
    Sherry Vine did this weeks ago – and fabulously, I might add.
    Post this one!

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